YES Regional Finals

As many of you know I have been working through the Young Enterprise Scheme this year with my business Purpose Swimwear.

Because of the drive I have for my project I managed to make it to the Young Enterprise Regional Finals on Friday the 25th of October. Before the event I had a week to prep a pitch and presentation that would summarise all my work, challenges, accomplishments and the whole brand idea in general.

I was lucky enough to get some support from Madi Barnett. She worked with me for a day and helped me to finalise and tweak my pitch. The support young enterprise offers us as members of the scheme is one of my favourite things. Everyone is always so willing to help and push us towards the next goal and challenge.

On the night I was shaking from the moment I exited my car and started walking up towards the B:Hive. As soon as I entered the building the tension rose even higher as I started to see all of the competition and teams leading towards a meeting/presentation room decorated with balloons and Young Enterprise banners.

I was the sixth pitch. I had time to listen to the competitors and calm down my nerves, but soon enough it was my turn. I was given a mic and a supportive and reassuring nod from Madi as I walked up to present.

Once I started, my nerves really kicked in. My hands were shaking and I stumbled over my first couple sentences. But once I realised this is my business, my baby, everything I have been working on I got it together and completed the rest of my pitch with the confidence I hope girls will feel when they wear my bikinis.