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Westpac Business Awards 2019

Thursday afternoon I was sitting at my computer checking my emails. One click and my eyes were scanning an email. Business awards? Westpac? Black Tie? Tomorrow!!

Because of my win at Regionals I had a ticket available for me at the Westpac Business Awards. There was a table filled with all of the Auckland regional winners and it would be another incredible experience.

So I rushed to Designer Wardrobe where I picked a dress and relieved the stress of having nothing appropriate for such a fancy occasion.

Arriving at the event was once again INCREDIBLY intimidating. Imposter syndrome was back and I had no idea what part of me ever deserved an opportunity like this. I met the other finalists and reunited with Adam (a member of CloudMass, and a friend from the recent trip to Thailand)

The awards were amazing. It was such an event. All of these intelligent, important people hearing about their amazing businesses. It was like a next level real world version of Young Enterprise.

The smiles on the winners faces were the most important thing to me. The passion and drive for the businesses that these people still have after so many years of growth and expansion or some of them after just starting, felt so real and inspired me to keep building on my excitement and passion for Purpose and what I'm doing.

We had the opportunity to network, get to know each other better and just experience a whole different world to what we weren't used too.

Once again I am so grateful for Young Enterprise and Madi for allowing me to have such a one of a kind experience. I couldn't be more grateful and the night is definitely one I won't forget. It is definitely now a new goal I will be setting for myself and aiming for in the future.


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