YES National Competition

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

I think this post needs to be started by letting everyone know I have no idea where to begin with describing this event. How do I channel all of the nerves, fear and excitement that came from just one day. I can't. But here it is - my recount of the 2019 Young Enterprise National Awards and Competition.

It all started with an incredibly early drive to the airport. My stomach was in knots the whole way to Wellington and I felt literally sick thinking about if my pitch would fit into 5 minutes.

I was travelling down with Lloyd my teacher and mentor from ASHS and he definitely had a more relaxing flight than myself. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we immediately got to practicing with Madi and the Cloudmass boys.

After two hours of so so many practice pitches both perfect ones and failed ones it was time to head down to pitch for real. But of course, my laptop decides it doesn't like my powerpoint anymore and doesn't open it, won't save it, and decides to remove animations and photos. This in turn caused a major freak out on my end - whilst Madi stayed calm like an absolute pro and sorted it all out. My pitch was moved up in the schedule and it all went perfectly. I spoke a bit too fast - but at least I fit it all in.

I remembered it off by heart, the powerpoint worked AND I remembered almost all the cues for moving around and hand gestures. I guess all the hours and hours Madi and I had put in had paid off.

We stayed to watch some of the other pitches and everyone's business ideas are absolutely crazy. One of my favourite things about YES is how awesome it is to see how different everyone's ideas are and see what drives them as individual businesses.

The rest of the time in between pitching and the awards dinner was spent