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The growth on my channel has been huge recently.

I am now on 335 subscribers! I absolutely love this - I am a few videos behind because of a mishap with photoshop meaning I couldn't create, open or download any of my graphics. But even without the weekly videos the views have been exponential and the subscribers have also been ticking up :)

as for views...

I AM SO PROUD!! 3.3k views on my O week and I am receiving about 80 new views for that video every 48 hours now! Lots of positive comments on my uni videos from people thanking me or asking me to keep creating them.

I don't know why it isn't showing up in the screenshot/most popular order on youtube but I created a 'UNI Q&A' video and posted it about 2 weeks ago now and it already has 662 views so it is well up there and on the way to being my most watched video in such a short amount of time.



I got back to Wellington about 1 week ago now and I only bought back my leftover pieces from my curated collection as there was no point paying to bring back items that aren't as popular.

I now have 391 followers.

The next steps are:

- moving Februarys curated drop to March instead

- getting my annual closet clearout pieces live on my depop before I head to Dunedin on the 15th.

- Creating more products for my handmade reworked collection that will be dropping at the end of February!!!! So nervous but also proud of myself for finally backing myself and buying so many essential items to help myself with this venture!



I am now on 1145 followers!

I have also been working on actually taking photos and creating a bit more of an aesthetic feed using both presets and a subtle colour theme. Kind of loving it and definitely starting to enjoy content creation for my personal gram a little more now.


But anyways it has been good progress all around and I am excited to keep working on it all plus adding in Sustainsy as my new hustle.

xx Rebecca Marie


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