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Huge milestones were hit today!!

Here is another wee log/update on the progress of everything.

DEPOP - My depop store now has over 200 followers and I have sold half of the items that were dropped at the start of December in my first ever curated drop. Feeling really good about it - and excited to continue with themed drops next year.



I AM SO EXCITED this is such a huge step and the growth I have seen is super reassuring.

I have also been giving 12 days of vlogmas ago - which has been hugely challenging. But good. The videos don't get as many views as normal videos - but it has definitely increased my subscribers at a slightly faster speed. Don't know if I will do it again as I am too busy. But definitely won't give up on this one :) Pretty proud of the videos even if there isn't as much content to work with.

One of my videos has hit 2k views :)

My O week vlog has hit 2000 views!! and continues to keep going up!!

My channel in general received 2k more views than usual in the last 28 days so thought this was an interesting stat to screenshot to keep and compare in the future.

AND one of my hauls has actually been receiving a lot of views. Below is a screenshot of my most popular videos from the last 48 hours. Usually, my haul videos don't perform that well but this one has now got 275 views which is great and it's cool to see my videos that aren't uni-related actually starting to receive a big increase in views.


So that is my update today :)

Bring on 2021 and everything I have coming to me!

xx Rebecca Marie


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