Progress on so many platforms

It is all slow and steady and it can feel difficult when it is such small progress - but looking at it, it's steady and I am hitting my goals!!

SITE & RENTALS: Someone sent me a DM the other day and she had seen my rentals and asked to rent the black Astra dress! This was sick when I haven't even been promoting it. Like maybe I should be - I will work on that...

Also since putting the link in my Instagram bio to my youtube page on this site instead of directly to the video it has been driving traffic to the site. This feels good as I want this site to actually have a purpose and it is a good way to push traffic over before thinking of the next way to increase website engagement.

YOUTUBE: Going strong and I hit my goal of hitting 200 subs by November 12th a day early :)

I think the next challenge will be getting those subscribers up continuously. Especially with the goal to hit 300 before 2021. But I can do it. I will have 300 subscribers before 2021.

I have also upgraded my branding which I am in love with. It is a bit more mature and professional looking and I like the incorporated white floral outlines. I am going to bring this branding into my other projects and try to make it as 'me' as my signature pink colour :)

I changed my cover photo and the small icon at the bottom of the videos.