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Designer, boutique & high street rentals 👗 

As you probably know if you know me at all I am a strong believer in slowing down the fashion world. 

I do this through my swimwear line, thrifting my clothes and renting out my special pieces. 

By renting it saves you some money - time and of course IT HELPS THE ENVIRONMENT!


Choose the garment you want to rent

Choose whether you would like to pick it up (Wellington based) OR have it shipped to you ($10 shipping fee will be added onto the rental price)

COLLECTING - I will text you to organize a collection time - drop off will be explained when you arrive for pick up.

SHIPPING - The garment will arrive to you a day or two before your selected date. There will also be a return courier bag to make sending it back easy.

Choose the date you want to wear your garment. 

Don't worry about the time selection - choose ANY. It's a problem with my website providers booking system and I can't currently get rid of it. 

Provide me with your details and make payment. 

That's it - as easy as pie. 

The garment will be all yours for the day x 

LUXE - T's and C's




These terms and conditions (the “agreement”) are a legal agreement between you and Rebecca Marie Rentals.
This agreement contains all the terms and conditions governing the rental of products from Rebecca Marie Rentals via our website.

  1.  Rebecca Marie Rentals agrees to rent you the item selected by you under the terms and conditions set out below and in consideration or the rental price agreed. You agree to pay the rental fee and all the necessary postage and cleaning costs. Once a rental is confirmed under these Terms and Conditions by execution of these Terms and Conditions by you, you cannot transfer your rental of the Item to another date.

  2. If you need to cancel any order, cancellation must be received a week before the selected rental date otherwise we reserve the right to charge in full for the rental.

  3. Garments hired online from Rebecca Marie Rentals are at your own risk, should they not fit or, in the case of a change of mind, no refunds will be given.

  4. Should the garment be returned in an unacceptable condition and have alcohol, fake tan, make up stains and other extremely dirty markings, there may be an extra dry-cleaning charge. This is up to Rebecca Marie Rentals's discretion and we will invoice or charge you accordingly for this when returned in an unacceptable state.

  5. Should you fail to return the goods or goods are returned in a state where they are unusable you hereby authorise Rebecca Marie Rentals to invoice you 150% of the retail value of the product in which you have hired from our website. The charge of 150% of the retail value represents the loss for the value of the goods and the anticipated loss of revenue from the further rental of the goods.  

  6. If the item is not returned to a post office on the date stated on the thank you card that comes with your rental, you will incur a late fee of $10 for each additional day you retain the Item. This will be sent to you in an invoice - which you will once again need to pay. 

  7. If it is not returned within 3 business days following your event, you will be charged the full Rental Fee for another weekend’s hire and you will then be charged subsequently for the weekends following until the item is received. Should the hired item not be returned within 2 weeks from hire you authorise under these terms and conditions for Rebecca Marie Rentalsto seek charges of 150% of the items retail price for loss of item and future revenue potential.

  8. We ship via New Zealand post next days guarantee delivery. For circumstances beyond our control problems with postage may occur, we will track the item and if it does not arrive in time Rebecca Marie Rentals will offer and give a full refund.

  9. You agree and acknowledge that you are renting an Item for a limited time and that ownership of the Item at all times remains with Rebecca Marie Rentals.

  10. You agree to treat the Item with great care, as if it was your own. You are responsible for all loss, destruction or damage to the Item from the hire date until it is returned.

  11. Rebecca Marie Rentals reserves the right to take all steps necessary to collect amounts due from you, including but not limited to legal action and/or using third party collection agencies. Rebecca Marie Rentals reserves the right to correct any errors or mistakes that it makes even if it has already requested or received payment.

  12. If you lose the return packaging provided to you, you will be solely responsible for the return of the items using a registered and tracked courier at your own cost by the expected return date and upon arranging alternative return of the goods you shall provide Rebecca Marie Rentals with a tracking number.

  13. Upon submitting an order with Rebecca Marie Rentals we agree to deliver the goods ordered including the specified size, colour and design, on the date which you have requested delivery at the address noted in the order. Rebecca Marie Rentals takes no liability should the goods not fit the customer due to an error in ordering the wrong size. 

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