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Purpose Swimwear 

Sustainable, reversible bikinis designed for every girl, body and summer adventure



All of our bikinis are made from a nylon made completely from post-consumer waste. This is items like plastic bottles, bags and fishing nets!

Not only is our product sustainable but we ensure our production processes are too. From packaging to reducing our carbon emissions where we can - Purpose strives to give back to our world with every stage of our business processes. 

We originally based production in Bali but concerns with waste, carbon emissions and a lack of information about working conditions meant we have moved production back to NZ. Now we are getting our bikinis made in Christchurch or Wellington.


All our bikinis are designed with wearability in mind. 

One one side there is a print and the other a complementing colour. Meaning each bikini can be worn 4 different ways. 

The prints and colours that are planned for our first collection are:

- Pink reversible with a floral print

- Black reversible with a cheetah print

- Aqua reversible with a paint/watercolour (as pictured)

- Navy reversible with a constellation star print


Our bikinis are right in the middle of the price consumers would usually pay for a new bikini. 

BUT we can ensure that our Purpose 'kinis will last you all summer long and so many more after that. 


The bikinis include a number of innovative features like:

- Shape retention

- UV protection 

- Specially designed to release fewer microplastics 

- 4 and a half times more resistant to chlorine


Each of our bikinis completes a quality check from our CEO before being sent out to you!



Our bikinis were designed after surveying over 200 girls to make sure we are designing exactly what they want in a bikini!

We have 3 levels of support available through our tops and 3 levels of coverage with our bottoms. 

Sizes will range from XS - XXL and we will continue to expand this and the practicality of our styles as soon as we can.



Purpose Swimwear has been taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme this year and it has been paying off. 

Purpose Swimwear founder Rebecca Renwick has had the opportunity to go to Wellington for the Entrepreneurs in Action weekend, Thailand with both YES and SeaCape for the Sustainability trip and even made it into the YES North Auckland Regional Finals.   

Purpose won the regional finals and is now invited to compete in Wellington and also to receive a national excellence award as well.

Preorders are open now for a full bikini set or an individual piece!

We are also selling discount codes and accepting any donations you would like to donate to help us get up and running. 


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