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Business Cards are out Stickers are in.

Hey hi hello hello, long time no blog post. As you may or may not know for over a year I’ve been planning a trip to Austin, Texas for South By South West (SXSW). It’s a huge festival filled with interactive talks, startup activations, films, music, parties and a whole lot of networking. For me it’s my first international trip as an adult and since I’ve started doing all the many things that I do. This meant I wanted to make the best impression possible. I’ve been practicing my pitch, packing outfits that represent my personal brand and trying to figure out how to share my contact information easily. As a sustainability advocate business cards don’t seem like the best option. And there was an overwhelming amount of different technology based business card options… So when Stickerdot reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate I was in immediately. I knew I could make my SXSW experience more memorable with Branded stickers that were fun to look at, able to be stuck on the many sticker walls around Austin AND promoted my different platforms. I designed a 60mm x 60 mm square vinyl sticker with my classic ‘Rebecca Marie’ shade of pink and made ‘The Align and Sunshine Club’ bold up the top. I definitely had to add my website and instagram handles to make sure it operated similarly to a business card but still keeping the cuteness to make sure it could be placed anywhere. Arriving at SXSW the stickers were an absolute hit. I stuck them personally on my notebook, laptop and folder to make sure my branding was right there when I was working. But my favourite thing was handing them out - Throughout the festival everyone was collecting so many flyers and papers that people don’t want to take another business card to add to their collection. BUT when I told them it was a sticker they were more than happy to take one. Moral of the story is just like businesses need to come up with unique and fun marketing strategies to stand out, personal brands require the same energy and creativity to make sure you are remembered in a busy busy world of networking and constantly meeting new people. The StickerDot stickers have been perfect for me and I can’t wait to use them again for my next event or business idea.

Check out StickerDot and all their many many options. Xx Rebecca Marie


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